Bronze Vessel - Jian

Bronze Vessel - Jian

Eastern Zhou Dynasty (771-256 BCE)

Diameter: 10.25 inches (26 cm) Width: 13 inches (33cm)

The round bowl rises from the flat base to a recessed neck and everted lip. There are two masked loop handles on either side. The body and neck are cast with bands of a vermiculite pattern in low relief. A raised rope twist line surrounds the vessel above the foot. The interior of the bowl has been left undecorated. A smooth dark patina with some malachite and cuprite encrustation covers the entire bowl.


  • Provenance: Private Canadian Collector Michael B. Weisbrod, Inc., at the Carlyle, New York Chinese Collection, Hong Kong, 1986
  • Published & Exhibited: Weisbrod Chinese Art, Ltd., New York, early 1990s.

Reference Pieces

A similar vessel is in the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, illustrated in B.M.F.E.A. Bulletin No. 6 pl. XXXXII, and was included in the Venice Exhibition, 1954, Catalogue, no. 70. Another similar example from the H.G. Oeder Collection is illustrated by William Watson, Ancient Chinese Bronzes, pl. 59a.