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My thanks go to Michael Weisbrod of New York for his boldness in acquiring masterworks as seen in the "Huge Camel and Foreign Rider", the Unique Pair of Northern Ch'i Warriors", and the "Wei Civil Official".

Earl Morse, Famed Chinese Art Collector and Patron to the Metropolitan Museum

No one has a better eye than Michael.

Jon W. Edwards, Curator of the Edwards-Bishop Collection

Michael is highly skilled at finding masterpieces for his clients that helps improve their current art collections. Michael is also a skilled art appraiser. From gallery exhibitions, to art research, and to museum collections. He is a leading expert in Chinese Antiquities and Works of Art.

Sabrina Perl

Michael is the rock star of art dealing. His wide experience in the field, together with the legacy of his late father, and his rare collection of authentic Chinese art pieces and artifacts make him THE guy you want to make business with. 

Gershom Baraza

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