The objects of the current exhibition have been published in two catalogues. Download the two catalogues in here:

Six Treasures from Abroad & Treasures from Abroad.


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A Rare White Jade Terrapin Neolithic Period, Dawenkou Culture

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Crimson Glazed Stoneware Cup, Junyao

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Natural Rock Bridge

Ming dynasty (1368–1644), dated 1556. Artist: Lu Zhi (Chinese, 1495–1576).

Hanging scroll; ink and color on paper


Image: 133 x 62.9 cm

Overall with mounting: 229.9 x 78.7 cm

Overall with knobs: 229.9 x 88.9 cm

Gift of Michael B. Weisbrod, 1989 to the Metropolitan Museum


As an old client of Michael I would love to have a copy of the exhibition catalogue. I hope one day to visit his beautiful Hong Kong space. How nice to have him back. Meanwhile I am enjoying the beautiful pieces my husband and I brought from him.

Abby Lussky

I thank Michael Weisbrod of New York for his boldness in acquiring masterpieces as seen in pieces like the "Huge Camel and Foreign Rider", the unique pair of "Northern Ch'i Warriors" and the "Wei Civil Official".

Earl Morse

No one has a better eye than Michael.

Jon W. Edwards

Your scholarship and expertise deserve high praise and recognition along with your kindness and generosity.

Janet Marletto

Michael is highly skilled at finding masterpieces for his clients that helps improve their current art collections. Michael is also a skilled art appraiser. From gallery exhibitions, to art research, and to museum collections. He is a leading expert in Chinese Antiquities and Works of Art.

Sabrina Pearl

Michael is the rock star of art dealing. His wide experience in the field, together with the legacy of his late father, and his rare collection of authentic Chinese art pieces and artifacts make him THE guy you want to make business with. 

Gershom Baraza

The Weisbrod Collection

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