50th Year Exhibition - 2021


Hong Kong, October 10, 2021 - Weisbrod began their 50th Year by opening a new spectacular Hong Kong gallery last June. The celebration continues, now, with a 50th YEAR EXHIBITION, a tribute to Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Sally Weisbrod, Michael’ parents, who opened their first gallery in Toronto, over 49 years ago.

Commemorated by their first catalogue since 2007, the exhibition marks a new milestone since the opening of their gallery in Shanghai 10 years ago. The catalogue of the exhibition written by Michael B. Weisbrod is filled with numerous high-quality images for each of the 45 objects. Two academic articles are featured: Jades of Liangzhu culture: An introduction by Alexandra Tunstall; and The Spirit of Wu by Professor Dr. Poor.

The exhibition features outstanding Archaic Jades, Archaic Bronzes, Buddhist Sculpture, early Ceramics, and Later Dynastic Jades. All objects are of high academic interest and outstanding quality for which Weisbrod has been well known for half a century.

Highlights include a very large black jade double Bi or “8,” Hongshan Culture, Neolithic Period. This double Bi is related by type and color of jade, quality of carving, and unusually large size to the famous large jade dragon in the National History Museum of China in Beijing.

Also featured are exemplary masterpieces such as the Archaic Gold Inlaid Bronze Covered Hu of Late Eastern Zhou Dynasty; the sublime Longmen Head of Buddha of the Tang Dynasty; the very rare Painted Pottery Drinking Horse of the Tang Dynasty; and the imperial quality Very Rare Grey Jade Twin Fish Lotus Dish of Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty.

The exhibition will extend throughout this season in Hong Kong until December 23, 2021. Catalogues are available from Orientations magazine and at Weisbrod Chinese art website

Michael B. Weisbrod, one of the leading Chinese art expert collector, welcomes old friends and clients developed over almost 50 years of collecting Chinese art, as well as new collectors, auctions, and dealers of early Chinese Works of Art to visit the exhibition.

Viewing is “By Appointment Only.”

To make an appointment, call 852 2868 9865 or email info@weisbrodcollection.com.

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