Weisbrod Celebrates 50 Years by Opening New Gallery in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 3 June 2021 – In anticipation of their 50th Anniversary Year, and after a highly successful career in Toronto, 36 years in New York, and 10 years living in Shanghai, China, Michael B. Weisbrod along with Weisbrod Chinese Art, Since 1972, have opened a new gallery in Hong Kong.

Specializing in high-quality Early Works of Art from the Neolithic Period to the Qing Dynasty, including Jade, Ceramics, Archaic Bronze, and early Buddhist Sculpture, the gallery now occupies the top floor of a prestigious building in Central, Hong Kong.

The Weisbrod Collection includes rare and well-documented objects sourced from the best auctions, collectors, and dealers in the West. Many have outstanding provenance and have been previously published.

Michael Weisbrod welcomes old friends and clients developed over almost 50 years of collecting Chinese art, as well as new collectors, auctions, and dealers of early Chinese Works of Art.

To make an appointment call 852 2868 9865 or email info@weisbrodcollection.com

Viewing is “By Appointment Only.”


About Weisbrod Collection

Since 1972, acquiring the most exquisite rare, high-value early Chinese Objects for exclusive Collectors and Museums, worldwide.


Media Contact

Michael Weisbrod
Weisbrod Collection
37 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2868 9865