A White and Russet Jade 'Mythical Beast'

A White and Russet Jade 'Mythical Beast'

Song Dynasty
Crouching with belly lowered to the ground, the legs poised beside the body and carved with swirling patterns as if ready to pounce, the head turned backwards eagerly looking over the arched back at the bushy tail sweeping over to one side, the vitality of the animal enhanced through finely carved details such as the open mouth, wide eyes, subtly protruding ribs, and individual fur tufts, the stone an icy white with a swath of caramel-colored russet at one side


Collection of Jon Edwards.
Weisbrod Chinese Art, Ltd., New York.


Robert P. Youngman, The Youngman Collection of Chinese Jades from Neolithic to Qing, Chicago, 2008, pl. 148.